Caledonia, Ontario Estate Landscaping Project

Caledonia, Ontario Estate Landscaping Project

“Some landscapes take on a life of their own. And sometimes you can never do enough; not because there’s a deficiency, rather, because there’s always an opportunity to enhance the natural beauty that already exists.”

Many of us are looking forward to warmer weather after an incredibly cold winter! As we anticipate warmer weather, we also begin to think about and plan spring projects that include our gardens.

In the February/March Home by Design magazine article “Evolving Beauty,” landscaping of an estate in the rural community of Caledonia, Ontario is showcased.  The article notes the estate, largely due to its substantial size,  “presents almost endless possibilities for adding beauty.”

The article includes the following landscaping tips that are helpful to gardeners, no matter how large or small the landscaping project:

  • Texture matters more than colour. Most blooms only last one to two weeks. You’ll see leaves and stems more than the flowers. With that in mind, consider the colour and texture of the plant beyond the blooms.
  • Plan for winter interest in your garden. Most homeowners consider spring, summer, and fall as prime time for the garden. Don’t overlook the beauty that can be realized during the winter months. Interesting bark patterns on deciduous trees, hardy evergreens, art objects, and hardscape deliver stark beauty in the harshest season.
  • Meandering pathways and partially obscured views of seating areas add an air of mystery to any garden. Visitors will enjoy exploring and discovering special spots throughout your site. 
  • Add lighting to see your garden. Daylight floods down from above. At night, however, use uplighting to provide a completely different perspective. Lights extend the usable time in your garden and, just like meandering pathways, add a touch of mystery. 
Gelderman Landscape Services in Waterdown, Ontario has been working on the Caledonia estate landscaping project for fifteen years! “What’s been interesting about this project is how it’s taken shape over the years,” says Harry Gelderman. “It’s one thing to come to a project and change the whole place at once, and I enjoy that process. But it’s something else to watch a project evolve and become more beautiful and special over time.”
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